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I don't do much commercial but I'm starting to do more and I went to look at a job today in a commercial building and the men's bathroom had a urinal in it. The kind that goes all the way down and is sunk in the floor. The ones I have seen the lip of the base is raised up a little above the cement slab so you can tile up to the lip and have a smooth transition. This one was lower and the cement slab was flush with the urinal base. I doubt I'm going to do this job of putting new tile in but if I was are there any options here? How would you guys deal with this? I didn't get any pics but hopefully you can get the picture of what I'm trying to describe. If not go here and scroll down to the second picture, You can see how the tile is even with the urinal base. The one I looked at the concrete is level with the urinal base. So if I tile it will be probably 1/2 above the urinal base. I guess one option would be to caulk the edge of the tile to the urinal base but I just don't think it would look right. Is this urinal just installed at the wrong height?
Category: Tile Post By: LUCILLE HANSON (West Palm Beach, FL), 02/05/2019

We had those in the restaurant we owned, same height. You removing tile or tiling over? If tiling over, a curved edge 1/2 bullnose. If demoing tile, I would double cut two rows with angle grinder and diamond blade. Then carefully chisel out, it's risky if that type of cutting is not common for you. That may be mud bed.

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 04/27/2019

The picture isn't mine, just one I grabbed from the internet to help explain things. The tile is already out, cement slab right now. And the cement slab is level or flush with the urinal lip. So when new tile is laid it will be 1/2 or so above the urinal lip. I guess a bullnose tile would look alright and just overlap the urinal lip. Then just some caulk. Guess that's about the only option I can see.

- KELLY BELL (Boulder, CO), 05/06/2019

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