Forum Title: Mosaic Tile Border Issues
I have been running into issues with mosaic bands in showers. As you know often the tile on the walls is thick and the mosaic that is chosen as an accent band is usually thinner. To take care of the thickness issues I have shimmed the space out with ditra but that doesn't do a lot to help with variation in the wall. By the time you install 12x24 tile horizontally and level it out the space between the face of the tile and the wall can vary from 1/2 to 3/4 to 1 depending on how wavy the wall is. Any tricks to get your mosaic to set smooth and flush without spending hours trying to get it to lay perfectly flat and flush?
Category: Tile Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Topeka, KS), 03/19/2019

If the walls are that bad, what the heck are you doing setting tile on them? Fix the wavy wall before a tile is set and you wouldnt have this question. 1/2? 3/4? 1?....those are out of whack walls.

- CATHY DAVIDSON (Fresno, CA), 05/01/2019

Sometimes I make a screed out of 1x scrap. Ears that ride on the field tiles.....cut to perfect depth. It works great. Some guys here mount the mosaics on Kerdi fabric in a full run, then set them. I haven't tried it yet, but I really like the idea. If the screed is cut to a real tight tolerance, it is so easy it doesn't even seem right. Regardless of the substrate, you are indexing off of the field it's always dead nuts.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (Worcester, MA), 04/12/2019

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