Forum Title: Installing Grab Bars
I have drilled holes in tile before, but only for pipes while installing. I have to install two grab bars tomorrow. Never drill in installed tile. Using Moen bars and their mounting anchors. Requires n 1-1/4 hole. I'm planning on a pilot hole with this. Then try to poke around with a wire or something to find a stud. This is what I'm using for the 1-1/4 hole. I'm told that might not be good in porcelain, but I'm not even sure what the tile is. A friend lent me a carbide tipped hole saw but he isn;t sure it's good for porcelain either. Any thoughts/suggestions?
Category: Tile Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 02/13/2019

I don't do much drilling, I have used the acorn glass bits for anchoring utility sinks which worked fine. If it's hard porcelain you may be there awhile. I believe those bits are for soft wall tile like the 4x4's Hopefully it's got full coverage of mud behind it, the pressure you exert may crack the tile so let the bit do the cutting till you get to see how well the tile are set. Not sure if you have to keep those bits wet, but cooling any tools are a good idea. Just figured I'd post a bit since you need info ASAP.

- CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Dothan, AL), 05/01/2019

You're going to want to use a carbide grit core bit for a hole that size in porcelain. It will go through it rapidly.

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Yorba Linda, CA), 05/25/2019

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