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I have to tile (ceramic) a small mud room, but the surface of the concrete floor is a bit soft and powdery. Is there some type of primer I can use on the floor to increase the bond with the modified thin set I plan to use? Thanks, John.
Category: Tile Post By: FRANK YOUNG (Hoover, AL), 02/08/2019

No, and you don't need modified over concrete. Tom

- TIFFANY WILLIS (Trenton, NJ), 05/04/2019

Still my question after I grind and vacuum floors, there's a slight haze of dust. Your slab is weak, porous, overwatered, rained on whatever. Sponge the slab real well to saturation, but no standing water, then flat trowelkey in the thinset and comb the mortar onto slab. The sponging will prevent the slab from robbing the water out of the thinset and allow the thinset to properly bond to back of tile. I was just looking up densifiers for concrete polishing to lock in dust for all flooring products but am concerned about compatibility, cost, adjacent flooring damage. Spraying primer I don't want to create a film layer weakening my bond line So yeah, I want more tensile strength for some of my projects, for a mud room, not much stress on that. So if you increase bond strength, directly below the level of primer would be your new weakest link.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Sioux City, IA), 05/04/2019

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